Keynote Speakers


Prof. Luiz Moutinho

University of Suffolk, England

Professor Luiz Moutinho (BA, MA, PhD, FCIM),, is Visiting Professor of Marketing at Suffolk Business School, Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Science, University of Suffolk, Ipswich, England, and at the  Universidade Europeia and the Marketing School,  Portugal. He is Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Business, University of the South Pacific, Fiji. During 2015 - 2017 he was professor of BioMarketing and Futures Research at the DCU Business School, Dublin City University, Ireland. This was the first Chair in the world on both domains - BioMarketing and Futures Research. Previously, and for 20 years, he had been appointed as the Foundation Chair of Marketing at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Scotland. In 2017 Luiz Moutinho received a degree of Professor Honoris Causa from the University of Tourism and Management Skopje, North  Macedonia. His areas of research interest encompass bio-marketing, neuroscience in marketing, algorithmic self, EmoWear - a wearable tech device that detects human emotions, evolutionary algorithms, human-computer interaction, the use of artificial neural networks in marketing, modelling consumer behaviour, futures research, marketing futurecast and tourism and marketing. Professor Moutinho has over 150 articles published in refereed academic journals, 34 books and more than 12,000 academic citations, the h-index of 51 and the i10-index of 178 (February, 2019).

Speech Title: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Universities

Abstract: The presentation starts with a technical overview of the important role of artificial intelligence in society. The Robotic Revolution, Robotic Personal Assistants and Haptic Technology are then introduced. A discussion on big data, machine learning, and especially, on deep learning, will be brought forward. The presentation will then move on to the analysis of cognitive computing, and the issue of superintelligence. The second part of the presentation deals with the impact of technology on higher education in the future. Issues to be raised include the credibility of degrees, the concept of uncollege, the use of expert systems, alternative credentials, screenification and virtualization of education, brain-computer interfaces in teaching, micro-careers as well as new jobs for the future.




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