Call for Papers


Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality original technical papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings. Please check the topics of ICBDE 2024. The topics are not limited to those as below:


Big Data Applications

Big Data Analytics in Small Business Enterprises (SMEs)

Big Data Analytics in Government

Big Data Industry Standards

Experiences with Big Data Project Deployments

Novel Theoretical Models for Big Data

Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing for Big Data

High Performance/Parallel Computing Platforms

Energy-efficient Computing for Big Data

Big Data Open Platforms

Big Data Management

Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
Visualization Analytics for Big Data
Computational Modeling and Data Integration
Large-scale Recommendation Systems and Social Media Systems
Link and Graph Mining
Mobility and Big Data

AI in education

Adaptive Educational Systems
Intelligent Modelling
Authoring Tools for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Learning with AI Systems
Agent-Based Learning Environments
Architectures for AI-based Educational Systems
Machine Learning
Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining
Pedagogical Agents
Natural Language Processing

Big Data Science

Novel Theoretical Models for Big Data
New Computational Models for Big Data
Data and Information Quality for Big Data
New Data Standards
Social Web Search and Mining
Web Search
Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
Big Data Search Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
Data Acquisition, Integration, Cleaning, and Best Practices
Computational Modeling and Data Integration
Cloud/Grid/StreamData Mining- Big Velocity Data
Semantic-based Data Mining and Data Pre-processing
Mobility and Big Data
Multimedia and Multi-structured Data-Big Variety Data

Digital Learning

E-Learning Initiatives
Adaptation to New Technologies
Smart Phones & Mobile Applications
Didactic Games
Online Classroom
Interactive Whiteboard
E-Management of Schools
Simulation & Animation
Interactive Whiteboard
Blended Learning
Advanced Classroom Technologies
Online/Virtual Laboratories
Open Universities & Distance Education
Online Assessment
Learning Management Systems
Social & Digital Media
Educational Multimedia
Digital Libraries
Open Resources
Plagiarism Technologies
Digital-Age School
Managed Learning Environments (MLEs)
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)
Virtual Conferences & Workshops
Educational Software
Virtual Reality

STEM Education

Empirical research in STEM education
Approaches and methodologies for STEM education research
Innovative pedagogies and curricula in STEM education
Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary STEM education
STEM education: exploring the role of arts in STEM
Teaching and learning of STEM in school classrooms and other educational settings
STEM education and social issues
STEM education and the environment
Policy matters in STEM education
Assessment and evaluation in STEM education
Comparative studies in STEM education
Technology-enhanced STEM education and STEM teacher education
STEM education and industry partnerships
STEM Teacher Education and professional development
STEM education in informal contexts
Educational reforms in STEM
International STEM education

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